Goodbye LinkedIn

I recently made the decision to delete my LinkedIn account. After having the account for years, I have not found any value in it. It has became more a nuisance than anything – and it is easier to just delete the whole thing than let it sit, accruing messages and notifications.

I joined initially as part of a college class. The service was described as a social network for professionals, a place where you were expected to have a good profile and resume if you wanted to get a good job after school, with plenty of detail and none of the fluff that circulates other social networks – a place where career-oriented people of all levels could build their connections to others and develop working relationships.

After several years on the network, I never gained employment or networked with people I didn’t know elsewhere. I haven’t found any amazing opportunities. I haven’t found any great people to work with or been recruited by my dream organization…

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The Cloud 

There is no such thing as the cloud. It is just someone else’s computer.

Cloud computing has been revolutionary for the Internet. It has given access to resources that the average user would never have. But as the cloud become more ubiquitous with our lives online, it’s important to remember what the cloud actually is.

The Cloud is the current buzz word for it, but the concept isn’t new. A user rents space or resources on another person’s or company’s computer. The user places the trust in someone else to manage, maintain, and control the data placed in the cloud.

When data is placed in the cloud, the user no longer has a reasonable right to privacy of the data. Whoever has access or control of the cloud you are using has equal access and rights.

A Way to Organize Newsletters

Email newsletters are having a resurgence. They have been around forever, but are really being utilized by smaller companies and individuals now. You can get some great content, and all for free.

The problem is, this floods my nice clean inbox. The software for sending newsletter is getting cheaper and easier, but my inbox isn’t getting smarter or better at managing these emails.

I want an app that has a throwaway email address that I can subscribe to different newsletters. The app will organize the newsletters by where they came from and chronological order. I can view them as I want, and save the ones I like. All without taking up space in my inbox.

A Note About Smartwatches

First, I’m not against the idea of a smartwatch. I can certainly see myself wearing one in the future. The problem with current smartwatches is they are being marketed as add-on devices. A device that is a “compliment” to my phone.

A smartwatch need to be it’s own device. A device that I can use without requiring me to carry multiple devices. I often carry around a tablet and a smartphone, but neither needs the other to function. A smartwatch needs to go beyond being a remote control for other device. It’s great that it can sync and interact with other devices, but it can’t require them to be functional.

Being required to carry around multiple devices to get functionality is a terrible design.

Give me a smartwatch that is functional on it’s own, and I’ll be sold.

One Feature Netflix Needs

There isn’t any doubt that Netflix is a leader in the video steaming market. They are changing the way content is consumed and created, and forcing some big companies to change their traditional model (Comcast, HBO, Amazon, etc…). There is a Netflix app for nearly every platform, and it’s surprising to find a person/family that isn’t a subscriber.

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Unified Operating System

Microsoft has recently announced they will be creating a unified operating system. Combining several versions on Windows, including Windows RT and Windows Phone, into a single operating system to run across all devices. This is bring my ideal computer set up closer to reality. I want to be able to have my smartphone (currently a Lumia 1520), connect to a computer/screen and boot into a full desktop environment. I can handle 80% of my work on my Lumia 1520, but there are still times I need a full desktop, or just want to work on a bigger screen.

This functionality was promised with Ubuntu for Android. A project I was very much looking forward to, but no progress was ever made or code released. The project was eventually scrapped and the team left to focus strictly on the Ubuntu Phone.

Here’s hoping Windows truly will pull off the unified operating system and bring the idea of one device to do everything to reality.