The Last Good OS?

Many years ago, I built my first computer. A Linux tower made mostly of spare parts. Choosing the free operating system (OS) because of price rather than choice. It was my first real introduction to computing outside of Microsoft Windows. It’s fair to say, it opened my eyes. I’ve used Linux in some form since that first desktop. When I moved on to using a MacBook and OSX as my main computer, I kept a Linux partition.

After a few years, Linux is back to being my main OS.

The newest operating systems are very underwhelming to me. So much focus going to touch and tablet, the PC as I grew to know it will soon be a thing of the past (not something I think is bad, but it hasn’t happened yet). I still need a traditional PC. I don’t need a graphic intense operating system, and I don’t need features that should only be on a touch device forced into my desktop. I need functionality and speed when I’m on my desktop.

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