Developing a Website on the iPad

The iPad has a reputation as being only for media consumption. It wasn’t possible to really create with the device. Any serious computer work had to be done on your laptop or desktop. I needed to prove this wrong.

This write-up has some bias. I very much want my iPad to be a computer replacement, for battery life, size, and ease of use alone. I set out to see if I could develop and maintain a website using only the iPad.

The project chosen was A WordPress based site filled with quotes, poems, and essays. To be clear this was created from scratch on the iPad. There was no previous version I was updating

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10 (more) iPad Apps for the Classroom

The first installment of ‘10 iPad Apps for the Classroom’ was popular enough, I decided to do a follow up.  A lot more time and a lot more Apps have been developed for the iPad since the last article.  I’ll highlight some of my favorites and most useful ones.

Frog Dissection ($4.99) – A digital interpretation of a classroom classic.  I’ve covered this App once in an earlier review here.  A recent update has added more information and data for students to explore.  The App is nicely put together, very east to use and graphically sharp.  Notes: no internet connection required.

EMD PTE – Periodic Table (Free) – In the previous article I noted Elements (14.99) as a great periodic table/science App.  EMD PTE isn’t as feature rich but the price is right, free.  This App provides good information on each element in a clean interface.  The information doesn’t go much beyond what you would find in a typical classroom poster.  Notes: universal app, no internet connection required.

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10 iPad Apps for the Classroom

A follow up to The iPad and Education post.  This is a quick list of 10 apps on the iPad that you can use with your students, most of which are free.  The list is broken up into subjects; Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Note Taking. If you have any app suggestions of your own, please leave a note in the comments.


Quick Graph (free) – A complete graphic calculator application. Able to handle both 2D and 3D graphs. Input as many formulas as you want. A custom keyboard makes inputting easier. No need to go through the tedious Apple keyboard sub-menus to get to math functions (great for writing, not for math).

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iPad and Education

Since the iPad was first announced there has been a lot of talk about its uses for education. Specifically, the focus has been on college and university students. I would like to take a look at younger grades, elementary and middle school students. Students in these grades have not yet developed the way they take in data or their own study habits. These students would be more open to learning with new technologies and get a greater benefit. A student that grew up learning with technology will be more prepared in the future, rather than just giving them technology in college at the latter end of their academic career.

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