Content Over Distribution

I’ve worked with a number of business owners, and I’ve seen many of them fall for this trap (myself included). Focusing more on getting the word out than what the word actually is. Focus on creating the content (or product) that people actually want before trying to get everyone in the world to see it.… Read more Content Over Distribution

Welcome to Organized Chaos

I constantly write random thoughts on sticky notes, scraps of paper, and untitled documents. These notes sometimes get organized, sometimes get lost, and sometimes turn into actual work. No matter what, they take up space (physical, virtual, or mental). The goal of this publication is to put all these random thoughts and ideas into one… Read more Welcome to Organized Chaos

Being Authentic with Your Writing

‘Content is King’ and Other Reasons You Shouldn’t Write Online by Hillary Weiss. If you’ve ever written something that will be read by others, this is worth reading. The internet is a cacophony of competition imitating itself. So if you want to stand out, you have to really try. Leave your comfort zone, and write what matters… Read more Being Authentic with Your Writing