Microsoft Acquires GitHub

Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has caused a large reaction from the developer community. Some think it’s terrible, some think it’s good. My opinion is, it doesn’t matter.  The main complaint from developers, mostly from the open source community, is Microsoft’s troubled past with Linux and open source projects (putting it nicely). Microsoft has openly attacked… Read more Microsoft Acquires GitHub

Google Pixelbook Review

I have been using the Google Pixelbook as my primary computer for the past couple months. Here are my impressions so far. The hardware is great. It’s one of the best designed computers I’ve used. It’s not a standard design, with the aluminum, glass, and plastic combination, but it all comes together nicely when you are using… Read more Google Pixelbook Review

Podcasts I’m Listening To

Podcasts are having a resurgence in popularity, and I’ve found myself listening to them more and more. The quality, variety, and delivery has substantially improved. Currently I am using the Pocket Casts App to listen to Podcasts on the go, and gPodder to listen on my desktop. I also use gPodder as an offline archive… Read more Podcasts I’m Listening To

Did You Know I Send A Newsletter?

Every month or so I send out a newsletter about what I’m currently interested in. Topics vary around technology, education, and small businesses. Most of the ideas and blog posts you find here are featured first in the newsletter. If you’re interested in subscribing or just starting a conversation head over to the newsletter section… Read more Did You Know I Send A Newsletter?

Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy

Windows Mobile might be coming to an end but Microsoft is not done with mobile. Mobile has become too important of a market for Microsoft to ignore. Windows Mobile was a disaster. Not from bad software and hardware but from poor management and development. Microsoft never seemed to get great developer support for the platform,… Read more Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy

Noise Cancelling Improved

This may exists already, it may not. I would like a pair of noise canceling headphones that can be taught or learn when to interrupt the music. For example, whenever my name is said, the microphone on the headphones picks this up and pauses the music. Another example, whenever the phone rings, or there is… Read more Noise Cancelling Improved