Adding Context to Reminders

I wear headphones constantly, usually listening to an audiobook, podcast, or random playlist. While listening, I will usually remember something I needed to do, or get an idea to research further. Not wanting to or unable (driving) to interrupt what I am listing to, I need to make a quick note so I don’t completely… Read more Adding Context to Reminders

Product Hunt for Education

Is there a site similar to product hunt for educational tools? A site where I can find new tools being used in the classroom, and get feedback from other educators. Bonus if I can search the tools by subject or target age.

A Way to Organize Newsletters

Email newsletters are having a resurgence. They have been around forever, but are really being utilized by smaller companies and individuals now. You can get some great content, and all for free. The problem is, this floods my nice clean inbox. The software for sending newsletter is getting cheaper and easier, but my inbox isn’t… Read more A Way to Organize Newsletters