Speeding Up Linux With Preload

I’ve been a long time Linux user. One of the great things about it, is that I rarely need the latest and greatest hardware. Linux can be as fast or faster than Windows or OSX on older hardware. It helps me save money when buying a new computer and extend the life of my current… Read more Speeding Up Linux With Preload

The Argument for Linux in Education

I am always researching how Linux and open source software are used in a classroom or education setting. I like to stay up to date with any developments. In reading countless blog posts, Google Slides presentation, and discussion threads, I’ve found a few patterns. Two points in particular are often brought up and used as… Read more The Argument for Linux in Education

Linux in an Academic Setting

I discovered a great community discussion on using Linux in the classroom. The thread can be found on Spiceworks and is one of the few current discussion I’ve found (with comments from 2016). Some of the comments can be a bit technical, but it provides a great overview and a lot of different opinions on… Read more Linux in an Academic Setting

Setting Up Elementary OS Freya

I  upgraded my laptop to Freya, the latest version of Elementary OS, and wanted to go over the changes I made to customize my setup. You can grab the download from the Elementary OS website. If you need help installing it, there are a number of tutorials online.

Elementary OS

Linux is my preferred desktop operating system. And given the number or great distros available, I test and try out many of different ones. My current, and longest standing set up was Ubuntu running a Gnome 3 desktop. It was a great set up, very minimal desktop, but wasn’t running as fast as I wanted.… Read more Elementary OS

The Last Good OS?

Many years ago, I built my first computer. A Linux tower made mostly of spare parts. Choosing the free operating system (OS) because of price rather than choice. It was my first real introduction to computing outside of Microsoft Windows. It’s fair to say, it opened my eyes. I’ve used Linux in some form since… Read more The Last Good OS?

Linux Desktop

I finally got my Ubuntu desktop set up the way I want.  Its running on a MacBook unibody (I rarely ever boot into OSX now).  In the past I used linux for everything but have fallen out of touch lately.  Using it as my main computer for a few months should get be back into… Read more Linux Desktop