Goodbye LinkedIn

I recently made the decision to delete my LinkedIn account. After having the account for years, I have not found any value in it. It has became more a nuisance than anything – and it is easier to just delete the whole thing than let it sit, accruing messages and notifications. I joined initially as… Read more Goodbye LinkedIn

The Cloud 

There is no such thing as the cloud. It is just someone else’s computer. Cloud computing has been revolutionary for the Internet. It has given access to resources that the average user would never have. But as the cloud become more ubiquitous with our lives online, it’s important to remember what the cloud actually is.… Read more The Cloud 

One Feature Netflix Needs

There isn’t any doubt that Netflix is a leader in the video steaming market. They are changing the way content is consumed and created, and forcing some big companies to change their traditional model (Comcast, HBO, Amazon, etc…). There is a Netflix app for nearly every platform, and it’s surprising to find a person/family that… Read more One Feature Netflix Needs

Unified Operating System

Microsoft has recently announced they will be creating a unified operating system. Combining several versions on Windows, including Windows RT and Windows Phone, into a single operating system to run across all devices. This is bring my ideal computer set up closer to reality. I want to be able to have my smartphone (currently a Lumia… Read more Unified Operating System

Local Business

I am at the end of a 28 day ordeal with Esurance. And having one of my worst experience with a company in a very long time, I had to share. I will do my best not to have this turn into a rant. First, a little background. I have been with Travellers insurance since… Read more Local Business

How Much Of Your Life Is Online?

The Internet is making any piece of information or media we want accessible from anywhere with a connection.  And with wifi hotspots everywhere, getting connected is becoming increasingly easy.  All-in-one devices are even allowing us to get out Internet fix without a computer.  You can go online with a cell phone or an mp3 player. … Read more How Much Of Your Life Is Online?

Should Microsoft Be Worried?

Apple has become the 3rd largest computer manufacturer, with a 6.6% market share, and the top two manufacturers, Dell and HP, are beginning to offer Linux alternatives to Windows. Their operating system, Windows, is being undermined by the rise of Apple’s OSX and the sophistication of Linux as a commercial operating system. With the bad… Read more Should Microsoft Be Worried?

The New Big Brother

Apple has been gaining market share and momentum with every product they release. Apple used to be viewed as the windows alternative in a time when Microsoft controlled everything. Apple products were for the independent, non conformist in all of us, our way of sticking it to corporate America. But does this still hold true… Read more The New Big Brother