Education Fragmentation

It’s a trend in education that is becoming more and more common. A school district will pick a single technology platform to build from. Are you a Google district? Apple? Microsoft? It’s easy to understand why districts choose a platform. It makes everything easier. It brings consistency across your schools, makes PD easier, makes managing… Read more Education Fragmentation

A New Publication

I’ve wanted to try publishing on Medium for awhile now. I thought about just transferring this blog to Medium, but I’ve been on WordPress since the beginning and didn’t want to give up that up. I could double post everything here and on Medium, but that seemed pointless. The solution was to create something new, Organized… Read more A New Publication

Privacy In The Cloud

Would you write in a notebook if it came with a warning that there is no guarantee that the ink will stay on the page or the pages won’t spontaneously combust? Or that there is no way to know if other people are reading your notes? That you don’t actually own the information you write… Read more Privacy In The Cloud

Content Over Distribution

I’ve worked with a number of business owners, and I’ve seen many of them fall for this trap (myself included). Focusing more on getting the word out than what the word actually is. Focus on creating the content (or product) that people actually want before trying to get everyone in the world to see it.… Read more Content Over Distribution

Digital Heirloom

I’ve received a few family heirlooms in my life. A nice wallet, a hat, dog tags. Physical items of some significance to my family. How will these family heirlooms changes as we become increasingly digital? More and more of the things I care about, besides people, are digital. My entire photo collection is a digital… Read more Digital Heirloom

Google Drive As A Digital Library

Google is becoming the most popular platform in education. Many of the school districts I’ve worked for or with are using Google Apps for Education. This gives every person in the district access to Google Drive, but it seems an under utilized resource. Most people use Google Drive as a Microsoft Office replacement. They edit… Read more Google Drive As A Digital Library

Welcome to Organized Chaos

I constantly write random thoughts on sticky notes, scraps of paper, and untitled documents. These notes sometimes get organized, sometimes get lost, and sometimes turn into actual work. No matter what, they take up space (physical, virtual, or mental). The goal of this publication is to put all these random thoughts and ideas into one… Read more Welcome to Organized Chaos

A Note About Smartwatches

First, I’m not against the idea of a smartwatch. I can certainly see myself wearing one in the future. The problem with current smartwatches is they are being marketed as add-on devices. A device that is a “compliment” to my phone. A smartwatch need to be it’s own device. A device that I can use without requiring me… Read more A Note About Smartwatches