Microsoft Surface 2

I recently replaced my iPad 3rd Generation with a Microsoft Surface 2. I’ve been a loyal iPad user since the 1st generation, and I am still a big fan of Apple hardware, but iOS7 wasn’t working well for me. Why the Surface? I am not interested in needing to carry a tablet and a laptop with… Read more Microsoft Surface 2

24 Hours with Windows Phone 8

I purchased a Windows Phone 8 device yesterday, specifically the Nokia Lumia 820 from AT&T. My first Microsoft purchase is several years. I previously had a no-feature pay-as-you-go phone, and before that the iPhone 4S. Here are some first impressions after a full day of use. Everything on the phone is good, but not great (with… Read more 24 Hours with Windows Phone 8

Weekend With a Kindle

This past weekend I was given a Kindle 2 to test.  For anyone that doesn’t know, the Kindle is Amazon’s e-book reader that has been getting a lot of attention lately for attempting to change the way we read books.  When I first received the Kindle, I had to register it.  If you already have an Amazon account this… Read more Weekend With a Kindle