Producing vs. Consuming

How do you start your morning, as a producer or a consumer? I was sparked to ask this after reading this thread on reddit. The thread talks about small life changes that have a big impact. This question really stuck in my head. How do you start your day? I’m not talking about when you… Read more Producing vs. Consuming

Being Creative

I saw this on a poster recently and really liked it. It’s an excerpt by Ira Glass. I believe it is originally from a speech (you can find it on youtube). What nobody tells people who are beginners – and I really wish someone had told me – is that all of us who do… Read more Being Creative

5 Apps for Productivity

Lately my workflow for getting stuff done has changed. I am working more from a travelling office and have less time to get things done. I needed to be more efficient when I am working and these apps help make that happen. Podio My main organization tool. I use Podio to mange both my personal… Read more 5 Apps for Productivity


The way I listen to music has come full circle. When I first started listening to music, it was on the radio. I had a yellow Casio hand-held radio. This “hand-held” radio is bigger than my smart phone is today. I didn’t know much about radio stations, but I knew how to scan around with… Read more Music

5 Tips for Freelancing

I have been working as a freelancer for the past three years. Both part-time and full-time. There are things I’ve learned, and things I wish I knew starting out. I work as a web developer, but the advice is pretty universal. 1. Clear Separation You are a constant representation of your work, but your work… Read more 5 Tips for Freelancing

Splitscreen: A Love Story

A video by JW Griffiths. Winner of the Nokia Shorts competition 2011. more information on vimeo

Slow Dance

This was at the end of The 4-Hour Work Week, which I finally got around to reading. I liked it and decided to share. It’s written by David L. Weatherford. Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round, or listened to rain slapping the ground? Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight, or gazed at the… Read more Slow Dance

All Art Is Quite Useless

This is the preface to the Oscar Wilde book, The Picture of Dorian Gray.  I read this book a while back and revisited it recently.  Remembering how much I enjoyed the preface and how I wanted to publish it last time I read it, it’s a bit overdue. The artist is the creator of beautiful… Read more All Art Is Quite Useless

Winter Coming

I recently started my second Alain de Botton book, The Art of Tavel. The first was “The Architecture of Happiness.”  It left a pretty favorable impression on me, so I decided to get another one of his books the library.  de Botton has a pretty unique writing style with some interesting veiws on how the world… Read more Winter Coming