Rivik Media – I co-founded Rivik Media in 2008 as a web development company. It has expanded beyond building websites, to include hosting, marketing, social media, email, and technology consulting.  I am now the sole owner of the company.

Lewis Croft – A community for small business owners. The goal of this website is to help people running small businesses. It’s focus is towards people who want to run a sustainable small business. 

1st Quality Discount Flooring – A new kind of wood flooring company that is offering top tier products at a discount price. Similar to a Marshalls or TJX model. 

Linux Classroom – A project to showcase using open source software in a classroom. This is a constantly changing and updating project based on the technology. 

Everything Random – A fun blog I started in college (and one of my first websites). Originally a tumblr website, it has grown into a collection of websites. At it’s peak, it generate 250,000 unique visitors/month. It is still in operation today, being run by a collection of bloggers. I have the occasion post contribution, but still maintain the code and design for the site.

Quotey – I always love a great quote and have a habit of writing them down. Quotey is a way to share the collection with everyone. If you’re interested, head over to and sign up for the newsletter. You will get quotes deliver daily to your inbox.

Marker I – My first attempt at making my own font, and a fun weekend project. The font is released under creative commons licensing. You can see my blog post explaining everything here.