Power In the Process

The ability to make you successful lies in the process not the idea. Ideas are not unique. Ideas are not businesses. Ideas can’t topple over competitors. The work that goes in behind the idea is what makes you successful. I never understood why someone would keep an idea secret. Why someone believes the idea is… Read more Power In the Process

Producing vs. Consuming

How do you start your morning, as a producer or a consumer? I was sparked to ask this after reading this thread on reddit. The thread talks about small life changes that have a big impact. This question really stuck in my head. How do you start your day? I’m not talking about when you… Read more Producing vs. Consuming

5 Apps for Productivity

Lately my workflow for getting stuff done has changed. I am working more from a travelling office and have less time to get things done. I needed to be more efficient when I am working and these apps help make that happen. Podio My main organization tool. I use Podio to mange both my personal… Read more 5 Apps for Productivity