Emergency Information Service

I want an app or website that is able to give me the local emergency information for whatever area I am in. A service like this would be helpful for many different situations. Currently to get this information I use Google. I do a few Google searched with the department I want with the zip… Read more Emergency Information Service

Android vs. iOS

The short story. Android is much better for traveling and in areas I was not familiar with. iOS was much better when used in my daily routine. Over the past couple months I have used two different phones, A Google Pixel and an iPhone SE. In this time I have been in my normal weekly… Read more Android vs. iOS

Winter Coming

I recently started my second Alain de Botton book, The Art of Tavel. The first was “The Architecture of Happiness.”  It left a pretty favorable impression on me, so I decided to get another one of his books the library.  de Botton has a pretty unique writing style with some interesting veiws on how the world… Read more Winter Coming