Linux in an Academic Setting

I discovered a great community discussion on using Linux in the classroom. The thread can be found on Spiceworks and is one of the few current discussion I’ve found (with comments from 2016). Some of the comments can be a bit technical, but it provides a great overview and a lot of different opinions on… Read more Linux in an Academic Setting

XKCD: A Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature

If you don’t already know about the webcomic XKCD, I definitely recommend checking it out. The author has created a very interesting/scary infographic about how the average temperature of Earth has changed. Starting at 2000 BCE and including events that affected the environment.

Being Authentic with Your Writing

‘Content is King’ and Other Reasons You Shouldn’t Write Online by Hillary Weiss. If you’ve ever written something that will be read by others, this is worth reading. The internet is a cacophony of competition imitating itself. So if you want to stand out, you have to really try. Leave your comfort zone, and write what matters… Read more Being Authentic with Your Writing

Paul Ford: What is Code?

An amazingly in-depth and lengthy article (38,000 words) on Bloomberg Business about what code is. A bit of history and how it all works. It’s something to check out when you have some time to read. So click the link and save the article for later. Bonus points for the great interactive graphics the team… Read more Paul Ford: What is Code?