Thoughts On Biometric Authentication

I’ve been wanting to write down some thoughts on biometric authentication for a while. It’s becoming more popular and prevalent in the technology we use everyday. And before we actually learn what is good and bad about it from experience, I wanted to write down my opinions.

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The Argument for Linux in Education

I am always researching how Linux and open source software are used in a classroom or education setting. I like to stay up to date with any developments. In reading countless blog posts, Google Slides presentation, and discussion threads, I’ve found a few patterns. Two points in particular are often brought up and used as the focus for the argument of “Why Choose Linux.” Linux is free and Linux works on old hardware.

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Linux in an Academic Setting

I discovered a great community discussion on using Linux in the classroom. The thread can be found on Spiceworks and is one of the few current discussion I’ve found (with comments from 2016). Some of the comments can be a bit technical, but it provides a great overview and a lot of different opinions on using Linux or any open source software in a school system. Check it out.

Letter W Photography

I have started selling some of my photography online under the name, Letter W Photography. I have uploaded content to both Society6 and Redbubble.

I have had great success with Redbubble in the past on other projects, so it was easy to start there. Society6 is relatively new for me, so we’ll see how it goes. If there are any photographers out there that of other suggestion, leave a comment.

I’ve posted many of my photos on various sites; Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, etc, and always planned to sell my photography at some point, but never found a solution I liked.

I originally, and still want to open my own online store for the photography (a project I don’t have the time for). The next option was to outsource the overhead work to print on demand services. I upload and edit the image, Redbubble and Society6 handles the selling, printing, and shipping.

These print on demand services also allow for my photographs to be used on a variety of products beyond simple prints. Tote bags, iPhones cases, notebooks, and canvas prints are all available. Well beyond what I could offer on my own.

Firefox Focus

Firefox has recently launched a new browser for iOS devices, Firefox Focus. What makes this browser unique and why you should consider using it, is it’s heavy consideration for privacy and security.

Firefox Focus is set by default to block many of the trackers that follow you around the Web. You don’t need to change privacy or cookie settings.  You can browse with peace of mind, feeling confident in the knowledge that you can instantly erase your sessions with a single tap – no menus needed.

I’ve installed Firefox Focus on my iPhone and think it would be useful to have on yours as well.

Microsoft Should Acquire Twitter

Not a fully formed argument, but something that has got me thinking since the Microsoft Surface event.

1. Communication Platform – Microsoft has multiple communication platforms. Their platforms have always been a bit of a mess. Messenger, Lync, Skype, Skype for Business, Rooms (remember that?), Yammer. They’ve never had a very uniform system. They should take the consumer facing side of Skype and integrate the technology into Twitter Direct Message platform. Bring voice calls, video calls, and chat bots to the Twitter DM. Make Twitter a private communication platform that can compete with Facebook Messenger and separate the confuting Skype and Skype for Business. Let Skype become the enterprise option and Twitter be the consumer option.

2. Content – Microsoft already has a device in most households for entertainment, the Xbox. Twitter is trying to get live content that will be displayed in the living room (i.e. Thursday Night Football). Microsoft will be able to take these and similar content deals and bring them to a much bigger audience that is already setup to view the content. Twitter technology with the distribution of Windows seems like a good combination to complete with what Google, Apple, and cable companies already have out there.

3. Consumer Facing – Microsoft has been making a big push into the enterprise market. Office 365, LinkedIn, Yammer, and Office are all geared towards business users. Yet Windows 10 is being pushed as a friendly consumer operating system. Twitter can bring a consumer facing platform that will integrate with Windows 10. Microsoft has made a few entrances into social media that failed, Twitter will give them an actual foothold in social media.

Elementary OS: Unable To Add Apt-Get Repository

I recently upgrade my main computer to Elementary OS Loki. In the process of installing all my favorite software after the initial install, I needed to add a few repositories.

I received an error message that the command was not found. I though something was wrong with my install of Loki.

This would be a big problem for getting my computer set up the way I want. If I can’t add repositories, I can’t add a lot of the software I use. Luckily it’s a quick fix.

After the new packages install, try adding a repository, update, and install.