Banking For The Web 2.0 Generation

Since being in college I’ve begun to do away with physical mail. I get my bills and monthly statements sent to me via e-mail, it makes my life a lot easier by doing more things online. I signed up to receive all my financial information via e-mail through each of the individual companies (Bank of America, Capitol One, etc…) This system worked alright, but I received an individual e-mail from each company and had to deal with each account on a different website. This didn’t make it very easy to keep track of my overall spending and saving. In comes

mint screen

Mint is bringing web 2.0 style to the corporate finance world, and it banking on the younger generations having an interest in their personal finance (no pun intended). Mint is all about saving you money. It gives suggestions on ways to save money and categorizes your spending to show areas where you can spend less. And what is web 2.0 without the social aspect. Mint allows users, who choose to, to share and compare their spending habits with others. See how others save money and help others with your methods. Its a new and interesting approach to money management that seems to really work.

I began using Mint to track my finances for the past three months, I’ve gradually began adding more to my account the more I enjoyed using it. I now have all my accounts being tracked by Mint. Mint provides me with a monthly e-mail showing my activity in all of my accounts, as well as itemized lists as to what I’m spending my money on. If I click through to my account on their website I’m able to see a lot more information that is very clearly presented in graphs and charts.

A true one stop source for all your financials, and its continuing to grow. Mint has recently announced that it will be expanding into tracking your stocks and mutual fund portfolios. Mint has partnered with The Motley Fool, a popular investment advice website. This partnership makes the advice that Mint gives more reliable and is able to expand to all aspects of finance. If you have a lot of accounts or your money seems to be all over the place or you just can’t seem to stick to a budget, Mint is the service for you. It making finance easy for the web generation.

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