online extrovert, real-life introvert

I do a lot of different projects and jobs. Most all of them center around education, technology, and/or business. I’ve worked in educational technology at almost every level of learning. I have worked with countless small business to help them run more efficiently with technology. This website is an attempt to collect my work and ideas spread out across many different avenues. The ideas expressed here are my own, and may not reflect the ideas of any organizations I represent.

First Contribution

This project has received its first financial contribution. The contribution was made anonymously through the Buy me a coffee link. Thank you to whoever the anonymous contributor was. It’s certainly given some validation to this project. It is very encouraging to have someone actually put their money towards supporting a project like this. It’s even more surprising… Read more First Contribution

Writing Style

What will the writing style be? After writing down all the random notes, ideas, and research I had for this book, I needed to find a way to organize it all. I began looking at education and non-fiction books that I read and enjoyed. Looking at the structure and organization of the books, I tried… Read more Writing Style