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I do a lot of different projects and jobs. Most all of them center around education, technology, and/or business. I’ve worked in educational technology at almost every level of learning. I have worked with countless small business to help them run more efficiently with technology. This website is an attempt to collect my work and ideas spread out across many different avenues. The ideas expressed here are my own, and may not reflect the ideas of any organizations I represent.

Writing A Book

This is a cross post from CYOD.xyz and the first post for a new project. I am writing a book, and I am documenting the process of writing the book. I didn’t originally plan to write a book. I have never written a book before or consider myself a writer). But as I collected notes, wrote… Read more Writing A Book

Microsoft Acquires GitHub

Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has caused a large reaction from the developer community. Some think it’s terrible, some think it’s good. My opinion is, it doesn’t matter.  The main complaint from developers, mostly from the open source community, is Microsoft’s troubled past with Linux and open source projects (putting it nicely). Microsoft has openly attacked… Read more Microsoft Acquires GitHub

Apple’s Closed Garden is a Problem In Education.

Apple has a roll in educational technology since the first computers were introduced in the classroom. The Apple II, HyperStudio projects, the colorful iMac, the countless iPad 1:1 programs. Apple always had some of the (if not the) best products available for education. They are slipping in the education market though. Where Apple has failed… Read more Apple’s Closed Garden is a Problem In Education.