online extrovert, real-life introvert

I do a lot of different projects and jobs. Most all of them center around education, technology, and/or business. I’ve worked in educational technology at almost every level of learning. I have worked with countless small business to help them run more efficiently with technology. This website is an attempt to collect my work and ideas spread out across many different avenues. The ideas expressed here are my own, and may not reflect the ideas of any organizations I represent.

Now With Encryption

This website is now encrypted. Today, I added an SSL certificate to swoick.com. It is something I have wanted/needed for this site for sometime, and finally got done. The whole process took about 10 minutes. I was able to get an SSL certificate from Let’s Enctrypt and set it up on my WPEngine install with… Read more Now With Encryption

What Happens When Apple Runs Out of Money?

Or Google or Facebook or Amazon? All these companies collect a massive amount of information on it’s users. Everything from our buying habits, to our friends, our search history, our communications, even out health data, and location. Up until this point, these companies have been pretty good about keeping this information secure and private. But… Read more What Happens When Apple Runs Out of Money?

On Writing

I want to be a writer. This is a thought still not fully formed, but is a constant lost goal. Writing is something many people are bad at. It’s a skill I know I should have and one that I always want to get better at, but rarely do. I rarely do because there hasn’t… Read more On Writing