Features Needed on Circle.so

Circle has quickly become a go to community building. It has a lot of features, and really “just works”

I have been building with Circle for several month working on Invest with Credo. With all of the great parts of Circle, here a few things that are still needed.

Scheduling Posts - This is my biggest request as a community manager. Being able to schedule something during the week to post over the weekend or first thing Monday morning would be a huge help. It would also allow to have certain things publish at the same time each day.

Android App - If scheduling posts is priority 1A, Android App is 1B. There has been a lot of talk of an App on the way, but nothing out yet. iOS is available, but nothing for Android yet. Very patiently waiting for this.

Tagging Posts - This would be a big help for post organization. For example, @investwithcredo is about investing (could you guess?). If I want to see all posts about $UPST, it would be helpful to have all those posts tagged with $UPST. Regardless of what space it’s posted in.

Member Features - Being able to extended/customize member profiles options, and having a true member director for users to view. I will say for both of these requests, @circleapp has made some incremental changes that seem to be leading to this.

More Integration - The other side of this request, is less reliance on Zapier. Having Circle integrate with social media would be a plus. A new post is written in the community, and a link sent out to social media. Something possible with Zapier, but could be more intuitive.

Reorganizing Sidebar Links - This is minor, but annoying. At the bottom of the sidebar navigation are external links that can be added. Have you ever tried to re-order these links? The only option is to delete and add the links again in the order you want them to appear.

For some/many of these feature, there are work arounds or third party apps that helps. It’s great that it is possible to do many of these things, but it would be much better if they were part of Circle.

Circle is also under constant development. In the 4 months I’ve been on the platform, several community requested features have been launched. They are definitely trying to meet the user demand.

If you have anything you’d add to the list, please join the discussion.

To check out the community I am building with Circle, visit https://community.investwithcredo.com

Want to discuss? Message me on Twitter (@swoicik) or join the GitHub Discussions.


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