Portfolio Updates (November 2021)

Here are the November Portfolio Updates. For background on why I publish these portfolio updates, go read Talking About Money.

I missed October! But you didn’t miss anything. I haven’t made any moves with my investing portfolio. The market has been on the move, and I haven’t seen a buying opportunity. There are a few moves I have thought about, but resisted. Sometimes the best action is to not do anything.

November, December, and maybe January will likely see some selling in my brokerage account. I will be taking some profits off the table and using the money for the holidays. Just for reference, I treat my brokerage account more like savings. I do not put stocks in there with a long term (multiple-years) time frame. Stocks are help under 1 year.

Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio.

Stock Portfolio %
AAPL - Apple 7.25%
AFRM - Affirm 0.05%
AMT - American Tower 0.09%
ASAN - Asana 0.49%
BRKB - Berkshire Hathaway 1.53%
COIN - Coinbase 0.39%
DDD - 3D Systems 0.75%
DIS - Disney 3.31%
FSLY - Fastly 0.19%
FVRR - Fiverr 0.68%
HD - Home Depot 2.91%
IBM - IBM 0.99%
JPM - JP Morgan Chase 2.11%
KO - Coca-Cola 0.87%
LMND - Lemonade 0.74%
MCD - McDonalds 1.91%
MJ - MJ 0.22%
MNSFT - Microsoft 7.25%
NET - Cloudfare 0.73%
NKE - Nike 1.96%
PEP - Pepsi 0.24%
RBLX - Roblox 1.35%
SBUX - Starbucks 9.81%
SHOP - Shopify 11.12%
SMG - Scotts Miracle Grow 1.40%
SQ - Square 3.38%
TGT - Target 4.32%
TSLA - Tesla 31.73%
TWTR - Twitter 0.78%
UPST - Upstart 1.32%
UPWK - Upwork 0.34%
Cryptocurrency Portfolio %
BTC - Bitcoin 53.10%
ETH - Ethereum 32.78%
LINK - Chainlink 3.52%
DOT - Polkadot 3.19%
MATIC - Polygon 6.89%
XLM - Stellar 0.52%

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