Talking About Money

Money is not a topic of conversation. That was my understanding for most of my life. Money was a topic to stay away from. How you spend or save your money is your own business (and your salary was the biggest secret). If you invest money, there might be talk about stocks you own, or general investments you made. There were never any real figures behind the talk. “I picked up a few shares of Company Z a few years ago…”

It’s a strange thing. Money is something that everyone has in common. It’s something you could discuss with just about anyone and they would understand. Yet it’s not something we talk about. That needs to change.

The more money is discussed, the more people will understand it. Every day people search for how successful/famous people dress, what technology they use, what car they drive, how they are so productive… but we don’t look at their money. What are their actual income streams? How many do they have? How much do they invest? The financial habits of the most successful people are not discussed. That is what a person needs to learn and understand.

So I am going to start sharing some transparency with my investments. I am not claiming to be successful or famous, but I want talking about money to become more common. Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio. I will be sharing regular updates and more information in the future, but this is a start. 

Stock Portfolio %
Apple 9.30%
Box 0.56%
Berkshire Hathaway 2.78%
3D Systems 0.27%
Disney 4.35%
F5 Networks 3.17%
Home Depot 3.73%
IBM 1.68%
JP Morgan Chase 1.91%
Microsoft 4.56%
Nike 2.35%
Starbucks 12.66%
Shopify 11.04%
Scotts Miracle Grow 2.09%
Square 3.70%
Target 4.22%
Tesla 27.59%
Twitter 1.00%
Under Armour 0.27%
Cash 2.77%

My portfolio is technology heavy, since that is what I am the most confident in. I also have a preference for dividend paying stocks. If you have anything you’d like to discuss or questions, please reach out to me on twitter. I will be posting more updates in the future.

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