Portfolio Updates (November 2020)

Not too long ago, I published Talking About Money on this site. That posts makes the argument that money should be a topic of conversation. It’s the only way everyone will understand it better.

In that post I shared my current investing portfolio and promised to post regular updates. Here is that first update…

Over the past month, I have been very active in my portfolio. I typically go months between active trades. This past month I added 6 stocks to my portfolio. They are the bolded ones in the chart. 5 of them are reletively small positions in what I consider high growth potential stocks. 1 (Coca-Cola) is a dividend stock I have wanted to add for quite some time.

Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio.

Stock Portfolio %
Apple 9.10%
Asana 0.14%
Box 0.49%
Berkshire Hathaway 2.64%
3D Systems 0.29%
Disney 4.07%
Ford 0.05%
F5 Networks 3.45%
Fastly 0.41%
Fiverr 0.96%`
Home Depot 3.66%
IBM 1.54%
JP Morgan Chase 1.96%
Coca-Cola 1.26%
Microsoft 4.60%
Cloudfare 0.33%
Nike 2.47%
Starbucks 12.70%
Shopify 12.00%
Scotts Miracle Grow 2.13%
Square 4.09%
Target 4.43%
Tesla 25.80%
Twitter 1.03%
Under Armour 0.33%

If you have anything you’d like to discuss or questions, please reach out to me on twitter. I will be posting more updates in the future.

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