Interesting Links Vol. 4 (Investing)

Every so often (when I have too many browser tab open), I will share links that I’ve found interesting enough to save. Some I’ve read, some I want to read, some I’ve saved away for a future idea. Hopefully you will get some benefit from the shared knowledge.

Welcome to Vol. 4 of Interesting Links (Investing Edition). If you haven’t already read the post Talking About Money, you should check it out. It will help put context around why investing and stocks are the theme this week.

Cash App - The Cash App has some really helpful web pages when it comes to money and investing. They create one page, easy to follow, introductions to different investment avenues. This one is all about stocks and investing in your first stock. If you are brand new to investing, or unsure of your knowledge, this is where to start.

Trader Sync - Keeping a journal or notebook about your investing in one of the most helpful things you can do as a beginner or advanced investor. Keep track of why you invested in something or why you sold. Refer back to those notes often. I recently started using Trader Sync for this. It has greatly streamlined the process and put more context around the notes. I highly recommend checking it out.

If you’re interested in learning more about investment journals and other software available, check out Stock Trader.

Market Foolery - I wrote about Market Foolery a while back in. Podcasts I’m Listening To. It is still one of the daily things I will listen to in the car or at lunch. It’s full of great investing advice, current trends, stocks to look at, and questions from other listeners. All of this in a very easy to understand and approachable format. If you are getting started with stocks, definitely give this a listen.

Our Guide to Investing for Beginners - Also from The Motley Fool, this quick read gives some great advice to get started investing. It goes over some general guidelines for starting out and what the options are.

That’s all I have for now. If you find any of these links useful or interesting, feel free to let me know on twitter, @swoicik.

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