Podcasts I’m Listening To

Podcasts are having a resurgence in popularity, and I’ve found myself listening to them more and more. The quality, variety, and delivery has substantially improved. Currently I am using the Pocket Casts App to listen to Podcasts on the go, and gPodder to listen on my desktop. I also use gPodder as an offline archive of episodes I find useful.

Here is a list of what I’m listening to regularly now.

Market Foolery - This one has been around for a long time, and I’m happy to consider myself one of their dozens of listeners. The advice is good and delivered in an entertaining way. It’s not alway easy to make long term investing interesting, this podcast does a good job of it. Episodes are short, only about 20 mins, and good for listening during a lunch break. There are a few others podcasts by Fool.com, I would recommend any of them.

The Tim Ferriss Show - This is one of the most popular podcasts out there. Tim Ferriss is the author of the 4 Hour Work Week, and interviews many different and interesting people on his show. The episodes are pretty long (at least an hour). I don’t listen to all the episodes, but pick and choose the people or topics I find interesting. There are hundreds of episodes, so there are a lot of topics to pick from. You don’t need to listen in a series.

Rework - This is produced by Basecamp (formerly 37signals). It’s about finding better ways to run a small business and going against a lot of conventional wisdom. The founders of Basecamp have written several books on the topic, including on titled Rework. If you run a business or are thinking of starting one, I would recommend this podcast for a fresh perspective.

LeVar Burton Reads - This one is pretty much exactly what the title suggest. Levar Burton (Reading Rainbow, StarTrak, Roots) picks a short story to read to you. It’s entertaining and a good way to get your mind of work on a commute home. Most the episodes are around 40 minuets or so.

These are the podcasts that I listen to regularly. There are a few others worth mentions that I listen to when I have time or when they have an interesting topic; Manage Your Damn Money, Hidden Brain, Choiceology, Simplify, and Smart Passive Income.

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