Portfolio Updates (December 2020)

Not too long ago, I published Talking About Money on this site. That posts makes the argument that money should be a topic of conversation. It’s the only way everyone will understand it better.

In that post I shared my current investing portfolio and promised to post regular updates. Here is another update…

I recently did a deep dive on all of my current holdings. I looked at each stock, it’s performance over the last several years, reviewed my thesis for buying the stock, and decided what I think the future of the stock would be. From doing that, I have several stocks now on a short list of possibly selling. The only one I have acted on so far is FFIV.

I Sold F5 Network Inc. (FFIV). I no longer track this technology sector closely. I have held the stock since 2013. It has been a big gainer for me, but has slowed recently. The company also does not pay a dividend. The reasons I bought the stock no longer hold true. It is also in the middle of some activist investing.

Selling the stock is not a signal that I think the stock will go down in the future. It’s a signal that I can’t predict the stock in the future.

I have replaced the FFIV holding with MCD (McDonald’s). This is a solid stock that pays a good dividend. I would rather have money sitting with a dividend paying stock that just sitting.

Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio.

Stock Portfolio %
Apple 8.00%
Asana 0.15%
Box 0.46%
Berkshire Hathaway 1.98%
3D Systems 0.42%
Disney 4.34%
Ford 0.04%
Fastly 0.49%
Fiverr 1.01%
Home Depot 2.72%
IBM 1.28%
JP Morgan Chase 1.76%
Coca-Cola 1.05%
McDonalds 2.08%
Microsoft 3.71%
Cloudfare 0.41%
Nike 2.07%
Starbucks 11.39%
Shopify 11.34%
Scotts Miracle Grow 2.05%
Square 4.56%
Target 3.68%
Tesla 33.65%
Twitter 1.08%
Under Armour 0.29%

If you have anything you’d like to discuss or questions, please reach out to me on twitter. I will be posting more updates in the future.

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