Interesting Links Vol. 3 (Jekyll)

Every so often (when I have too many browser tab open), I will share links that I’ve found interesting enough to save. Some I’ve read, some I want to read, some I’ve saved away for a future idea. Hopefully you will get some benefit from the shared knowledge.

Welcome to Vol. 3 of Interesting Links (Jekyll Edition). These are all links I’ve found incredibly helpful when learning how to work with Jekyll. If you are unfamiliar with Jekyll, it is a static site generator that powers (GitHub Pages)[] (and this website).

GitHub Pages and Jekyll - Let’s start off with the official documentation from GitHub. This tutorial will go over Github Pages and getting a Jekyll blog running on it. It’s comprehensive and a great introduction to the platform and what is possible.

Creating and Hosting a Personal Site on GitHub - Written by Jonathan McGlone, this is another great tutorial for getting a Jekyll site set up on GitHub Pages. This tutoria is easier to understand than the offical GitHub documentation and is very easy to follow with lots of screenshots. If you are brand new to getting a Jekyll site set up, this tutorial is where you should start.

Jekyll Resources - This is a docuemnt created while working on this websites migration to Jekyll. It is a collection of themes, plugins, and tutorials related to Jekyll. I decided to put all this information in one repository and make it public. Hopefully it will save you some time when working with Jekyll.

Going from WordPress to Jekyll - A great resource from Ben Travis that will walk you through migrating your current WordPress website to Jekyll. I referred to this article quite a bit during my own migration from WordPress.

WordPress is a great tool but has become a very large platform. I think it is overkill for a simple personal website for blog. Jekyll is a great lightweight and free alternative.

Simple Jekyll Theme - This is the code for the theme of this website. After building this webite on Jekyll, I create a generic version of the theme and made it public for anyone to use. Feel free to use this theme as a starter when you build your own Jekyll website.

That’s all I have for now. If you find any of these links useful or interesting, feel free to let me know on twitter, @swoicik.

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