CYOD Pre-Order

This post is part of an ongoing series of post related to the process of writing a book about educational technology. Learn more about the book here.

The book I have been writing for the past year or so is finally taking shape. The book is now available for pre-order. You can pre-order the book for as little as $0 (also known as free).

The book is being released with pay what you want pricing. There will be a $10 add on if you want to physical version of the book to cover production costs.

Why Pre-Oder? A few reasons.

  1. Pre-ordering is the only way to receive the book on the first day it’s available. Maybe even a little sooner. There will be very few print editions available, pre-ordering will guarantee you get one.
  2. Access to a pre-order only newsletter that will keep you up to date with the book’s progress and ask for your input. You will provide direct feedback and input on the final version of the book.
  3. You will be directly supporting an independent author. This book is being produced entirely on my own. Any pre-order purchases go directly to helping produce this book and making it free for others.
  4. BONUS EdTech Community. With 50+ pre-orders, I will organize and be an active participant in a Slack Community (or similar technology) built around the book’s topics. This community will start before the book’s launch, and continue after.

The pre-orders are being collected through Gumroad. You can head over there to reserve your copy or use the for below.

The release date is currently planned for August 30th. This is tentative release date. Things can happen that push production back.

Want to discuss? Message me on Twitter (@swoicik) or join the GitHub Discussions.


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