Portfolio Updates (February 2022)

Here are the February Portfolio Updates. For background on why I publish these portfolio updates, go read Talking About Money.

February continued the downward trend of the market. The S&P 500 is down about 11% at the time of this writing. Pull-back or correction, whatever you’d like to call it stocks are down in 2022.

I made a few postion adds in January. In February I just added cash. I have a few stocks on my short list. SHOP and TWLO are the two I am most likely to buy soon.

I am looking more into marijuana stocks. The industry has drastically cooled off from its 2020-2021 craziness, but still has a bright future. I don’t see the industry getting smaller over the next several years as laws and perceptions change. This may be a buying opportunity. I will most likely take a basket approach to this industy. At this point, I couldn’t pick one or two long term winners.

As mentioned in last months update, I am paying a lot more attention to cryptocurrencies. There is just so much going on in that space and so much to learn. Coins, NFTs, DeFi, DOAs, and much more going on. Crypto still makes a small part of my overall portoflio, but is steadily growing.

Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio.

Stock Portfolio %
AAPL - Apple 10.90%
AFRM - Affirm 0.02%
ASAN - Asana 0.24%
BRKB - Berkshire Hathaway 2.12%
COIN - Coinbase 1.79%
DDD - 3D Systems 0.68%
DIS - Disney 3.91%
FSLY - Fastly 0.09%
FVRR - Fiverr 0.34%
HD - Home Depot 3.41%
IBM - IBM 1.41%
JPM - JP Morgan Chase 2.41%
KO - Coca-Cola 1.33%
LMND - Lemonade 0.36%
MCD - McDonalds 2.64%
MJ - MJ 0.19%
MNDY - Monday.com 0.02%
MSFT - Microsoft 5.14%
NET - Cloudfare 0.47%
NKE - Nike 2.23%
RBLX - Roblox 0.95%
SBUX - Starbucks 10.80%
SHOP - Shopify 6.49%
SMG - Scotts Miracle Grow 1.45%
SQ - Square 1.84%
TGT - Target 4.46%
TSLA - Tesla 31.65%
TWTR - Twitter 0.68%
UPST - Upstart 1.75%
UPWK - Upwork 0.24%
Cryptocurrency Portfolio %
BTC - Bitcoin 50%
ETH - Ethereum 25%
LINK - Chainlink 5%
DOT - Polkadot 5%
ADA - Cardano 5%
MATIC - Polygon 10%

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