Saving Money in Your Startup

Jason of, wrote an interesting post about his experience in saving money during a startup. The article offers tips that will help you save money in ways you may not have considered before. The tips are not ones that will show up on your financial statements, they are more of tips that will make your startup more efficient and an enjoyable working environment. These tips are especially useful in a startup environment where cash is king and money is always short.

The tip I liked the most was treating your employees to lunch 4 times a week. This makes sense on many levels. One is that having your employees take a lunch break in a group means less time will be wasted if they all took an individual hour long break. Also if they eat together they are most likely going to talk about work, since this is what they all have in common. This is create an open forum for the team to talk about things and get problems out into the open for everyone to hear. Also by supplying a free lunch, you’re employees will be happier. A free lunch 4 times a week is a nice perk for employees, and a happy worker is a hard worker.

The complete list can be found here.

The reason I also wanted to mention this post, is that is has been getting a lot of attention lately for on the the tips that has been misunderstood and reworded on other blogs. Tip #11, Fire people who are not workaholics. In this post this is explained a little better, and Jason even made a follow up post to help clarify what he meant. TechCrunch had a post that went against most of what Jason said but it seemed misguided and wrong and jumped to many conclusions that Jason was not trying to convey. The TechCrunch post can be found here, and a follow up post here.

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