10 (more) iPad Apps for the Classroom

The first installment of ‘10 iPad Apps for the Classroom’ was popular enough, I decided to do a follow up.  A lot more time and a lot more Apps have been developed for the iPad since the last article.  I’ll highlight some of my favorites and most useful ones.

Frog Dissection ($4.99) - A digital interpretation of a classroom classic.  I’ve covered this App once in an earlier review here.  A recent update has added more information and data for students to explore.  The App is nicely put together, very east to use and graphically sharp.  Notes: no internet connection required.

EMD PTE - Periodic Table (Free) - In the previous article I noted Elements (14.99) as a great periodic table/science App.  EMD PTE isn’t as feature rich but the price is right, free.  This App provides good information on each element in a clean interface.  The information doesn’t go much beyond what you would find in a typical classroom poster.  Notes: universal app, no internet connection required. Molecules(Free) - An open-sourced project made for viewing and interacting with 3-dimensional molecule renderings.  You can rotate, move, zoom, and isolate parts of the molecule structure through multi-touch gestures.  You can download molecules from RCSB Protein Data Bank or from your own public/school server and store them for off-line viewing directly from your iPad. Notes: universal app, no internet connection required. Bloomberg (Free) - The first thing that comes to mind when using this App is my Middle School Stock Project.  We used to have to bring a newspaper into class every week.  We would track stocks, graph them, predict changes, and it was a game to see who had the most successful portfolio.  This App would make the project much easier on the teacher and student, while providing good use of technology. Notes: universal app, internet or 3G connection required.

Math Reference (Free) - This is a simple a straight forward App.  All the math formulas you could want organized by topic.  You can browse, search, and even bookmark your most used formulas for quick reference later.  Many of the formulas have example problems to show you how to use the formula as well.  Its a great App that only does what it needs to, nothing extra to clutter the experience.  Notes: universal app, no internet connection required. 3D Brain (Free) - Interact with a human brain through multi-touch gestures.  The brain is color coded for easy searching.  You can isolate regions of the brain to get more information.  Find out the regions functions, effects on the body, related mental illness, case studies, and provided links to modern research.  All the data and information is derived from Genes to Cognition (G2C) Online. Notes: universal app, no internet connection required. History Maps (Free) - High resolutions scans of maps from ancient and modern times.  As far back as the 4th Century Roman Empire, and as recent as 1970 NATO Members.  You can interact with the maps with the same multi-touch gestures you would use with any image.  The maps are somewhat limited and random.  You will have to check if there is a map that aligns with your lesson.  You certainly can't assume it will have the map you are looking for.  Hopefully more Apps will be added with later updates. Notes: universal apps, no internet connection required (because all the maps are pre-loaded with the app, it does take up more space than the average app at 76.2 MB). Science Glossary (Free) - Hundreds of science terms and definition at your fingertips.  Definitions have links to related terms,  (similar to how a wiki works where words within the definition will link to other words).  The App also allows you to view modules that the term appears in.  For this, you are linked back to visionlearning.com which requires you to leave the App and open up in Safari.  In the future, I would like to see everything stay within the app, but the website modules do provide a lot of great information.  Notes: universal app, internet or 3G connection required.

Intro to Math, by Montessorium ($4.99) - This App is aimed toward pre-school and elementary school teaching.  Its provides a great introduction to math.  From writing and forming numbers to basic counting and math.  The visual elements are great for reinforcing the ideas of counting and visually displaying what 9 of something looks like.  It is a very polished App with great graphics and simple interface. NASA HD (Free) - Everything a lesson on space could need.  Access to NASA's massive photo and video archive.  Get live tracking of satellites in orbit, even see when they will pass over your area.  Get mission updates.  Find out when the next launch will be, and watch it live on the app.  Also a wealth of information and facts on everything in our solar system pulled directly from the NASA website.  Notes: iPad only app, internet or 3G connection required.  
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