Lewis Croft A Community For Business Owners

And we’re off…. after a little over a year of development and testing, Lewis Croft is now available to the public. Membership is currently free but will be changed to a yearly paid subscription in the future. So if you’re interested in joining, now is the best time.

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

Lewis Croft has been an idea for years and a project for the past 14 months. The goal it to build a community that I would want to be a part of. A community to help small business owners.

While running my own company for the past 9 years, I have been very fortunate to meet and learn from a number of other business owners. The advice and guidance from my peers has been what made my own success possible. I think every business owners should have access to this kind of community. That is why Lewis Croft was built.

I would like to thank everyone that helped in building this site. A lot of people offered their time, advice, and skill to build this site. You will find all of these people in the members area of the site and on the discussion forums. They are all great resources for anyone running or starting a business. I encourage you to reach out to them in the forums. I will be introducing many of these people in the coming months, in the form of blog posts, articles, and interviews on Lewis Croft.

Thank you again to everyone that helped build this site, and to all the new members I hope you find the same benefit from this community as I have in running my small business.

Want to discuss? Message me on Twitter (@swoicik) or join the GitHub Discussions.


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