The Keyboard

"If the keyboard was invented today what would it look like?" 8pen

The QWERTY Keyboard has been around since 1873, and has been one of the constants in technology. Nothing seems to be as universal as a keyboard. The mouse, touch screens, hand writing recognition, and voice control have all come and yet the keyboard remains on just about every piece of technology (many smartwatches even have a keyboard). Will it ever be replaced? Progress tells me it should be replaced, history says it won’t be easy. 

Voice input has made a big resurgence as an input method. Siri, Google Now, Alexa, and Cortana have all put voice activated software on things we use everyday. Our devices are constantly listening for the next command. But it remains a novelty for most. I have yet to see anyone who interact with technology mainly by voice. Voice is a nice compliment to the keyboard at this point, but not a replacement. 

So what is next? The keyboard can’t be the height of our technical ability to interact with a computer. There is something better.

If the computer was invented today, what would it look like? Technology is a constant and rapid improvement, but it’s often contained by old standards. If the technology is too radical, it’s won’t be adopted by public use. And the keyboard must be the most comfortable way for anyone in our time to interact with technology. What will it take to leave that comfort zone?


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