A Miss For Apple?

The iPhone 8 and X are here and the response seems underwhelming. Enough so, that several long time iPhone users I know have switched to Android. More specifically to Samsung. They are not people working in the tech field. They are the average consumer. They are long time iPhone users that just aren’t impressed with the new offering.

Maybe the reality distortion field is gone?

The iPhones are still great products and Apple will sell millions, but they don’t anything special that we are used to seeing with Apple. They are simply, another iPhone.

On the other side of the fence, Android has been rapidly catching up. The build quality of Android phones (as well as the price) has completely caught up and even surpassed Apple in some areas.

The Android software has been getting better and better with every release. A lot more stable. Many of the issues and differences of Android have been fixed.

For shoppers that are willing to pay for a premium device that just works, Apple isn't the only option anymore.

Some other factors to consider. Google Apps is everywhere. A few people that have switched to Android from iOS did so because of Google Apps. I heard this a few times, “Everything I do for school/work is already on Google. It’s easier to just use a Google phone.”

Google has a big lead over Apple for cloud usage. iCloud still doesn’t feel like a finished product and doesn’t come close to Google in terms of features or ease of use.

I’ve found myself looking to make a switch as well. Apple seems to have lost its attention to detail in software. iOS 11 has not been a good upgrade for my iPhone SE. The interface was clearly made for a larger screen. Many things feel cramped. Many small things do not work properly.

The small things that just work are usually the reason you pay the premium for Apple products.

What is your reaction to the new iPhone? WIll you be looking at other options when it’s time for an upgrade?

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