A New Publication

I’ve wanted to try publishing on Medium for awhile now. I thought about just transferring this blog to Medium, but I’ve been on WordPress since the beginning and didn’t want to give up that up. I could double post everything here and on Medium, but that seemed pointless. The solution was to create something new, Organized Chaos.

I constantly write random thoughts and half ideas on sticky notes, scraps of paper, untitled documents, and WordPress drafts. These notes sometimes get organized, sometimes get lost, and sometimes turn into actual work. No matter what, they take up space (physical, virtual, or mental).

The goal of Organized Chaos is to put all these random thoughts and ideas into one place. They may turn into actual pieces or work, they may just sit, or they may inspire someone else. But they will stop taking up physical and mental space for me.

I will continue to write longer form blog posts and fully formed thoughts on this site, but I’ll be posting more regularly on Medium. So find me on Medium or Twitter to stay up to date.

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