Digital Heirloom

I’ve received a few family heirlooms in my life. A nice wallet, a hat, dog tags. Physical items of some significance to my family.

How will these family heirlooms changes as we become increasingly digital? More and more of the things I care about, besides people, are digital. My entire photo collection is a digital archive. Almost everything I’ve ever written is online or in a text document.

One interesting digital thing I have that would be passed down, is a domain name. I own the domain name for my last name. It wouldn’t have much value to anyone outside of my family, but is meaningful to our family. I have my email address at this domain name, as well as some of my family members. It’s a nice novelty to have in the digital age.

This is a new digital family heirloom (if that’s what you’d call it). It isn’t something physical you can hold. It’s 100% online.

What other digital heirlooms will we be passing down in the future? Have you already received one?

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