Professional Development: Introduction To Google Classroom

I recently conducted an Introduction to Google Classroom presentation during a professional development day. The PD was aimed at getting teachers more comfortable with Google Classroom and showing them how it helps with classroom management.

The PD was done with grade 6-8 teachers in a Google Apps district. Teachers have had access to Google Classroom since the start of school, some using it heavily, some not at all. So there was a large disparity in the skill and comfort level of everyone in the PD.

The PD lasted about 3 hours and started off with a Google Slides presentation, then a small group breakout activity, and concluded with Q&A.  The Google Slides presentation was specific to the school, so I am not going to share it here, but the small group activity is universal and I wanted to share it with any other schools or teachers that are using Google Classroom.

Introduction to Google Classroom Worksheet

Follow the link to view the activity and instruction. You can also create a copy in your Google Drive to edit and modify it.

The activity splits teachers up into groups of 4-5 and take a 1-1.5 hours to complete. It’s good to split teachers up into groups of varying skill level.

In the small groups, one person will be a teacher of a Google Classroom, the other members will be students. The goal is to really see how Google Classroom looks from the student perspective.

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