Security In The Cloud

I have been critical of the cloud for some time. I’m still don’t like the idea of putting my data on someone else’s computer. You don’t have the usual control over the data. However, I heard an argument recently, that changed my view a bit in favor of the cloud.

You don’t do your own taxes, you have an expert do them. You don’t keep all your money in your house, you trust a bank to do that. Why should you handle all your computer security, you could trust Google to do that (or Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, you pick).

If I was the victim of an attack, or someone wanted to get my data, where would it be safer. On my computer or on a google server? I don’t know if there is a correct answer. But, Google has 24/7 monitoring. Google has a team of experts. If someone accessed my data in Google Drive, hopefully they are doing their best to fight it on my behalf and maybe I can still log in and delete the data. If someone steals my computer, my only protection is the password I protect my data with.

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