The Role Of Social Media

The role of social media has changed. It has transitioned from promotion and sales, to engagement and customer support.

Social media changing the way we handle customer support. It’s providing a way to have an actual conversation with a company on your terms. A user doesn’t have to go through an automated phone menu to speak to someone. They don’t have to email a generic account and hope someone gets back to them. They don’t have to open a chat window on the company’s website and sit there to talk.

Social media provides a familiar way to talk between customers and companies. You can message a company the same way you message your friends. It’s convenient and easier.

Customer support has already begun adapting to this trend and it’s only going to grow more. Any company that is not willing to interact with their customers directly through social media are going to fall behind.

I think this transition will be good for social media as a whole.


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