Adding Context to Reminders

I wear headphones constantly, usually listening to an audiobook, podcast, or random playlist. While listening, I will usually remember something I needed to do, or get an idea to research further. Not wanting to or unable (driving) to interrupt what I am listing to, I need to make a quick note so I don’t completely forget the idea.

Thanks to Siri, it’s quick to just add these things to my reminders and continue with what I was doing.

The downside being, when I refer back to many of these reminders (sometimes days later), I lose context. I don’t know what I was listening to when I made the reminder/note and don’t know what I was thinking at the time.

What I need is a reminder/note app that works similar to Siri + Reminders that also takes into context what caused the need for the reminder/note.

For example a reminder or note that also includes the last 2 minutes of audio I was just listing to. Or a link to the last website I was at. Whatever I was doing right before I created the note is captured and saved as context for when I come back to it.

This technology might already exist. Or it may not be possible due to privacy settings on iOS. If anyone knows how this can be accomplished, please let me know.

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