Writing A Book

I am writing a book, and I am documenting the process of writing the book.

I didn’t originally plan to write a book. I have never written a book before or consider myself a writer). But as I collected notes, wrote down ideas, and tried to figure out what I could do with this information, a book seemed the best option. Something had to be produced with the information, it was to stuck in my head to just go away. A book would potentially have the biggest impact.

Once deciding to write a book, there was a lot of research into how to write a book. Reading blog posts, books on writing, and talking to people who had written books before. I got a lot of great information, and thank you to everyone who took time to answer my questions. But I didn’t get to look into the actual process of writing a book. The revisions, the editing, or the decision process to get from idea to book.

This site, and subsequent writing on GitHub, will show my entire writing process from idea to finished product. You can see ideas from when I started (even the bad ones), where those ideas went, and how the book evolved overtime. My hope is that beyond just writing a useful book, I will help show others how to write a book as well. So that anyone that has an idea but seems intimidated with writing an entire book will get some guidance.

I was inspired to write a book in this way after reading many other great books on GitHub.

The actual content of the book will be on GitHub. The updates about the writing will be on swoicik.com under the category CYOD.

Check back for more…

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