Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple →

John Gruber, writing on Daring Fireball

My gut sense for years has been that Ive without Jobs has been like McCartney without Lennon. Or Lennon without McCartney — take whichever analogical pairing you prefer. My point here is only that the fruit of their collaborations were, seemingly magically, far greater than the sums of the duos’ talents and tastes.

As usual, John Gruber, has some great insight as to what this announcement really means for Apple going forward. Both the good and the bad. He does a good job translate the PR speak into reality.

Jony Ive has long been considered one of the best industrial designers, and many of the most iconic Apple products are credited with his designs. But, Apple has taken a step back lately. Specifically with their computer hardware. Other companies are catching up.

It will be interesting to see where Apple’s design language moves from here. I’m sure it will take several years before anything changes (as Gruber points out in his write up).

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