Google Graveyard

I recently re-discovered this website, Killed By Google. It’s an open source project to record all the the serices, apps, and deices that Google has cancelled over the years. Including all the companies they have acquired and shut down.

It’s interesting to take a look down memeory lane and see all the serives that used to be part of my daily life on the internet. It’s also amazing to see just how many services Google has started and stop that I don’t remember or have never heard of. They are constantly doing new things.

One of the most missed Google services is Google Reader. This used to be part of my everyday routine online. I subscribed and checked hundreds of RSS feeds. That servies has since been replaced by Feedly for my daily routine.

Another one I was reminded of was Google Wave. This was a short lived product that launched with a lot of buzz in the tech world. You had to be invited to get access. People were selling invites on eBay at one point.

Google Wave was going to be the next generation of online communication and collaboration. My one year old company, Rivik Media, was very excited about it. Our small team of 4 jumped head first and tried to organize our whole company on the platform. A big mistake looking back. But the product just seemed so perfect for what we wanted to build.

I’m sure there are many more I could discover/remember if I went through it all. What Google service do you miss the most?

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