Online extrovert, real-life introvert.

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Dell Inspiron 3000 Series – A good, cheap laptop. Wiped clean and installed Elementary OS as soon as I bought it. It mostly stays on my desk.

Apple iPhone SE – I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to the SE. I couldn’t see spending the money on an iPhone 7 when it came out. The SE provides a good balance of features and price point. I have plenty to complain about iOS, but it’s still the most reliable all around smartphone.


Elementary OS – My main operating system. It has all the power of Linux with some great design. It’s how a desktop OS should look.

Podio – How I keep everything organized and in it’s place. If I could only use one piece of software to run my business, this would be it.

Basecamp – I’ve recently started moving a lot of my project management from Podio to Basecamp. I’ve been impressed so far.

Google Apps – I use Google Apps for my personal and business email. I don’t use much else from the service besides email.

Feedly – I use this website daily. I’m subscribed to a little over 100 RSS feeds from various sources. All neatly organized in Feedly to read and sort. It’s how I get my news and stay on top of industry information.


WordPress – This site is powered by WordPress, my default choice for building a website since I’ve started building websites.

WP Engine – This site is hosted on WP Engine. It’s the most simple and complete solution for having a self hosted WordPress site.

Sanse – The theme for this website is based off the Sanse theme by Sami Keijonen.