Stephen Woicik, online extrovert, real-life introvert. I have worked in many different projects and jobs. Most all of them center around education, technology, and/or business. I’ve worked in educational technology at almost every level of learning. I have worked with countless small businesses to help them run more efficiently with technology. This website is an attempt to collect my work and ideas spread out across many different avenues. The ideas expressed here are my own, and may not reflect the ideas of any organizations I represent.

Best place to contact me is Twitter

Some Projects

Marker 1 Font - This is a basic “Crayon” style font. It’s great for use in classrooms, and I’ve seen it used in a few comics. Free to download and use.

Stock Portfolio Spreadsheet - This is a template used for tracking an investments portfolio. Each sheet can be used to track a different philosophy or strategy to see how they compare.

Tools I Use

Samsung DeX - Definitely in the minority, but I use Samsung DeX as my daily driver. I connect my Samsung device to a 24” monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and I’m good to go. I am a mobile first computer user at this point. So this set up works really well for me. I can do everything I need to on my mobile device, but connect to a big screen when needed for working with a spreadsheet or coding project.

Feedly – I use this website daily. I’m subscribed to a little over 100 RSS feeds from various sources. All neatly organized in Feedly to read and sort. It’s how I get my news and stay on top of industry information.

GitHub – I’ve started using GitHub more and more. Any recent code I’ve produced is on there. I am also writing a book on the platform.

Built With

Jekyll - I recently migrated this site from WordPress to Jekyll. You can read about the process and the reasons on this blog post.

Simple Jekyll Theme - This is a theme I developed. It’s based off the Tale theme. You can read more about it here

GitHub Pages - This site is hosted on GitHub Pages. A free hosting option provided by GitHub.