4 Alternative Uses for Your Blog

Software list- I often blog about new software I find and use. When setting up a new computer you can use your blog to recall all the little programs you usually use. It much easier to find programs on your blog then searching the web, since you are the one that organized it all.

Tweaks and Tips- little tricks I’ve found and like, I blog about. Its often easier for me to show someone a how-to on my blog rather than explaining the whole process to them. It also saves me time with not having to explain the same thing to different people, everyone is able to view the blog.

Online Organization- a blog can be used as an online organizational tool. Its a central location to store any thoughts or ideas you write about for quick future in the access. Its much easier to have ideas on your blog rather than trying to remember every little things. Also the data is accessible from anywhere, so you don’t have to be at your own computer to access your data.

Digital Toolbox- I’ve done a couple posts on fixing problems that I’ve had with my computer, and cited programs that I use for cleaning up my computer. This information come in handy when I have to work on friends and family computers. I just got to my blog and get all the tools and information I need in one location.

With all these alternative uses for your blog, the more you blog, the more useful it is.

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