5 Reasons College Students Should Have Blogs

Show You Have a Passion for Something- most jobs that you apply for want to know what you do beyond school in the field you want to work.  A blog is a great way to show you have an interest in the work and have knowledge on current events

Stay Current- being in school you sometimes get detached from the world outside campus. By writing a blog and staying current you are forced to read news form outside of school and stay up to date with current events

Practice Writing and Communication Skills- depending on your major, outside of core classes you don’t take many English classes, or writing intensive classes. Its good to stay up to date with these skills as you will most likely need them in the future. Blogging allows you to practice putting ideas and thought into words that everyone can understand.

Showcase Your Work- give yourself an online presence. If you have good ideas or interesting things you’ve done, a blog provides a nice platform to share your ideas with anyone you want to.

Digital Extension of Your Resume- a “read more” button for your resume. You can show your resume in action, talk in more detail about items on your resume and show you really know what you are talking about. Blog about your experience and what you’ve learned from them, let people look at your blog after reading your resume to really get to know you.

bonus It’s free- Blogging is a free hobby and a free way to waste time/entertain yourself, which is important to the college student who is always low on cash.

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