Android vs. iOS

The short story. Android is much better for traveling and in areas I was not familiar with. iOS was much better when used in my daily routine.

Over the past couple months I have used two different phones, A Google Pixel and an iPhone SE. In this time I have been in my normal weekly routine and taken two road trips. One road trip wit the Google Pixel, one with the iPhone SE.

The Google Pixel was far better when on the road. Google Maps is way above Apple Maps in my opinion. By the end of my road trip with the iPhone, I had stopped listening to the Apple Maps GPS and just followed road signs. This was after Apple Maps had changed my route twice and told me multiple times about accidents/traffics that was incorrect. I has zero issues with the Google Maps GPS.

Connecting to WiFi is something I need to do a lot on the road. I have a limited data plan to save money, because I am usually on WiFi day to day. The iPhone is great when it remembers your connection and automatically connect. It’s not great at creating a new connection. The Google Pixel was great at this. It would let me know when an open network was available and let me just click the notification to connect. With the iPhone I had to go through settings. It’s a little things, but when you’re doing it constantly while traveling it adds up.

During my day to day office routine the iPhone excels. Apple Pay is much better than Android. I use Apple Pay just about everyday at work. I don’t even need to carry a wallet around most of the time.

Apple headphones are a small thing that makes a big difference. Being able to control music, siri, and phones calls with the headphone remote has become second nature. It’s just a simple feature that just makes the phone that much easier to use. Not sure how this has never come to Android.

For now I am going to continue to use my iPhone SE as my main device. I don’t have a reason to abandon a perfectly good iPhone for Android. But when I am due for an upgrade, I will be taking a more serious look at Android after my experience with the Google Pixel and traveling.

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