I Dont Understand Slack

Anyone who works in tech, or any industry by now, has heard of or used Slack. It has become wildly popular as the latest productivity tool.

Slack is labeled as a team communication app. It’s the next step of office chat. A high powered version of email. It’s big advantage, is it’s integration with so many other apps.

If email is someone else’s to do list, what does that make Slack?

Communication is key in business, but it’s also a distraction from work. I need to communicate with the people I work with, but I don’t need to be constantly connected.

Having an alert for every little thing, and being able to communicate so quickly is a drain on my productivity. It’s makes it harder to block things out and filter what is really important.

I tries Slack for a short time, but was quickly frustrated by it. I’d prefer email, or another asynchronous communication platform. I must not be the intended market for the app, but I have a hard time envisioning who is.

Do you use Slack? How do you use it? Do you find it helpful?

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