Portfolio Updates (April 2021)

Not too long ago, I published Talking About Money on this site. That posts makes the argument that money should be a topic of conversation. It’s the only way everyone will understand it better.

In that post I shared my current investing portfolio and promised to post regular updates. Here is the April 2021 update…

Very little has changed this month. The only percentage changes are due to dividend reinvestments. I have moslty been keeping my cash on the sideline for the moment. There are a number of stocks on my watch list but nothing I am in a rush to buy right now.

Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio.

Stock Portfolio %
Apple 8.28%
Asana 0.15%
Box 0.52%
Berkshire Hathaway 1.95%
3D Systems 0.75%
Disney 4.47%
Fastly 0.32%
Fiverr 0.99%
Home Depot 3.27%
IBM 1.44%
JP Morgan Chase 2.18%
Coca-Cola 1.06%
Lemonade 0.78%
McDonalds 2.26%
MJ 0.39%
Microsoft 4.36%
Cloudfare 0.35%
Nike 1.91%
Roblox 0.33%
Starbucks 12.84%
Shopify 10.84%
Scotts Miracle Grow 2.32%
Square 4.63%
Target 4.44%
Tesla 27.03%
Twitter 1.27%
Upstart 0.46%
Upwork 0.42%

If you have anything you’d like to comment on or ask, please join the discussion page or message me on twitter. I will be posting more updates in the future.

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