Discussions Are Back

Comments have been off on this website for quite some time. Years ago when comments were enabled, the management became very time consuming. There was the occational meaningful interaction. There was also a lot of clean up and ensuring SPAM stayed off the site. The decision was made to remove comments entirely.

Visitors were encouraged to email or message on Twitter if they want to discuss anything on the site.

The idea of adding a forum to the website for discussions was mentioned a few times. Inspired by the site Boing Boing that creates a forum topic of each post for people to discuss or add their own topics. But there wasn’t an easy way to do this.

Enter GitHub Discussions.

GitHub has recently added this feature to the repository that powers this website. Any published post will now have a discussion topic created. Visitors will need a GitHub account to participate.

This will be an experiment over the next year of the website. Hopefully it will encourage meaningful discussion and not turn into the curation nightmare the comment section was.

You can visit the discussion for this post here.

Want to discuss? Message me on Twitter (@swoicik) or join the GitHub Discussions.


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