Stock Portfolio Tracking Template

If you’ve been following the recent posts on this website, they have all revolved around money and investing. You can read the reasons for that in Talking About Money. One thing that seems to always come up when I talk to people about stocks and investing is, how do you track everything?

Each investor has their own preference, and typically use a combination of tools. One tool was a constant though, spreadsheets. It might be Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or some other form of spreadsheets, but ever investor seems to have one they use. I am no different.

This is the Google Sheet I use to keep track of stock investments across different accounts and for different purposes. The sheet will automatically pull in stock quotes from Google Finance. Click the link to get a copy of the Sheet and some intructions on how to use it.

Download Template

It has been adpated from other spreadsheets that have been shared by friends, and in forums.

The Google Sheet will let you track

Update April 9, 2021

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